Woman Seeks Treatment for Excessive Hair Growth on Her Face and Hair Loss on Her Head – PEOPLE

Charli, a patient featured on TLC's upcoming series Bad Hair Day, says that her excessive hair growth, paired with hair thinning on her head, has impacted "every single aspect" of her life. 
"I can't even feel feminine at this point," Charli says tearfully in an exclusive clip from the new series.
"I just want to be comfortable and be happy again," she continued. 
The new six episode series will feature three doctors, dermatologists Dr. Isha Lopez and Dr. Meena Singh, and hair restoration surgeon Dr. Angie Phipps, who all specialize in hair-related medical disorders. 
In Charli's case, she visits the office of Dr. Lopez who practices out of Houston, according to a release from TLC. 
"I can see that she's had a hard road with the amount of hair that she has on her face," Dr. Lopez said in a clip about her meeting with Charli. 
Charli says that while she does not feel any itching or pain from her scalp, when she washes her hair it "comes out in clumps"
The doctor says she believes Charli is experiencing something called hirsutism, which she describes as the occurrence of hair growing in areas that are typically "ruled by male hormones" — notably, testosterone. 
She prescribes Charli with oral Spironolactone to "block testosterone's effect on her skin" which should both stop the hair growth on her face and the hair loss on her scalp. 
Lopez suggests they pair the medication with laser hair removal as well. 
"Where have you been my whole life," Charli tells the doctor when she concludes explaining her treatment plan. 
Dr. Phipps, who is also featured on the show, works out of Raleigh, NC and helps patients seeking to restore their hair following severe burns, male-pattern baldness and trichotillomania, TLC said. Dr. Meena Singh, in Kansas City, Kansas uses laser or surgical tools to help conditions like excessive hair growth, traction alopecia or hair loss.  
"Dr. Lopez, Dr. Phipps and Dr. Singh are first in class medical professionals and their ability to turn patients' lives around is truly inspiring," said Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals. "Home to a wide-variety of emotional, heartwarming stories of personal transformation, these doctors are an outstanding addition to our programming line-up on TLC."
Bad Hair Day premieres Wednesday, August 24th at 10PM ET/PT on TLC. 


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