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For The Freedom of All We Labor Onward
By Arfang M.S. Camara
The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) presidential aspirant, Sadibou Kamaso has on Thursday officially unveiled members of his executive committee of the ‘Team Restore Confidence’ during a ceremony held at a local hotel in Senegambia.
Mr. Kamaso, who was the campaign manager for Team Kaba four years ago, announced his intention to run for the GFF presidency against his former boss Lamin Kaba Bajo five months ago in March.
During the lunch of his manifesto in March, Mr. Sadibou Kamaso noted that his vision is to uplift and preserve a pre- eminent standard of football in The Gambia, place the Gambia football governing body on a pedestal for technical, structural and financial self-sustenance.
He also added that his mission is to stimulate interest and passion for an increased stakeholder participation in order to bring football and its benefits to the doorstep of every Gambian.
The members of the ‘Team Restore Confidence’ under the presidency of Sadibou Kamaso are 1st Vice President, Arthur Olu Ashcroft; 2nd Vice President, Choro Mbenga; 3rd Vice President, Muhammed Ceesay.
Exco members are: Retired Referee, Commissioner Ansumana Kinteh; Amie Jeng Njie; Pa Alieu Ceesay and Adama Jarju respectively. Co-opted members are: Victor Fajara Sambou and Ebou Sillah.
Shortly after unveiling his executive members of “Restore Confidence”, Mr. Kamaso said that his team is a group made up of people of football enthusiasts with a clear and principle agenda to restore the substantial erosion of confidence that they face in their football.
“The Restore Confidence team has the objective to focus on four key areas and one of them is rebranding and remodeling of the Gambian Football Federation institution. Because wherever you go and call yourself an executive of GFF, they look at you as an individual who is corrupt or an individual who is involved in issues that do not conform with the ethics of football.
He added their second focus is to increase and solidify the relationship between the GFF leadership, general stakeholders and the general public, noting that the reason for this is because the erosion of confidence in the country is substantial.
“The third focus is infrastructural development of international standards. The fourth point of focus is the judicious generation of income and spending of savings,” he revealed.
“We have gotten to a point where people didn’t believe in the federation, more so, to invest in it. My team and I would ensure that all those changes you are yearning for; will come right after we are elected into office on August 27.”
According to him, their objective is to come and change the mindset of Gambian football with a key focus on organizational effectiveness, accountability and transparency.
Meanwhile, the GFF election nominations began last Thursday, with the election slated for month Saturday 27th August 2022.
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