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Wednesday, 27 July
9h ago
The significance of improving hearing ability as a core aspect of physical well-being was highlighted during a free community wellness day for older people.
Screenings were conducted to identify hearing loss at the St. John’s Methodist Church in Batho, Bloemfontein, on 16 July.
The event was organised by Deon Ceronio, audiologist, in partnership with Rexton hearing devices.
Ceronio said hearing difficulty could be treated with an efficient approach and use of a technological device.
Altogether 52 older people aged 60 years and older were screened, with 20 being recommended to go for a diagnostics test.
Ceronio said the focus on loss of hearing as part of wellness was prompted by three issues: the struggle people encounter at government facilities in accessing hearing aids, the lack of awareness in the community about available technological hearing aid devices and the long time people wait before seeking help regarding hearing loss.
“Sometimes patients wait for three years to get hearing aids from government services. A delay in treating patients with hearing difficulty and not providing hearing aids, results in loss of hearing,” said Ceronio.
“We will serve those needing hearing aids and try to get them affordable aids.”
Cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose screening was also done.
“This holistic approach aims at improving their lives.
“Loss of hearing is common among older people, from 60 years onwards, and loss of hearing increases with age.
“Many people are unaware of hearing difficulty, and that it can be improved with the use of a hearing aid device. Many people live without amplification longer and wait much longer before they do something about it.
“Hearing loss problems is unlike loss in eyesight. Immediately with loss in eyesight, people go for consultation.”
People were also informed about factors contributing to loss of hearing. Loud noise is one of the most common causes.
Ceronio said based on observations informed by the attendance of the older people, there was a great need to have community wellness programmes with emphasis on loss of hearing in Mangaung in future.
9h ago
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