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Rongotai MP Paul Eagle launched his campaign for the Wellington mayoralty this afternoon. He said it was a “celebration of what has been and what can be,” and he spoke about “bringing back the mana of Wellington”.
MP Grant Robertson was one of the speakers. He praised Paul Eagle for being an effective local representative with experience, leadership skills and vision and said “Paul has what it takes … You have the ability to lead and who can deliver…You have my support.”
Paul Eagle said: “We will re-set and just get going … People have been crying out for Wellington city to pull its weight. That call has gone unanswered … I won’t let you down.”
He defined the mayor’s job as “a role like no other, subject to public scrutiny and public opinion … The mayor has just one vote, so it’s critical that the right people get on council with me, to paddle in the waka in unison …
“Nine out of ten people are dissatisfied with the city … We’ve got some serious issues we need to fix … I want a unified team of councillors, to get our mojo back and turn our city around.
“Key to solving this is strong leadership, a clear mayoral vision, and a ten year vision and strategy to restore the mana of Wellington. Leadership that is respectful and gets things done.
“The key thing is to acknowledge that this will take time. There are no silver bullets to get things done. The truth is that many of these issues haven’t been costed, and are inter-generational, and they will take some years to fix. We can’t have it all at once.
“We will make decisions based on listening to Wellingtonians and ensuring that something is done.
“I will be the loudest and most passionate advocate with a focus on action. It’s about head, heart and soul. Wellingtonians overwhelmingly tell me they want the council to get back to basics. If I am elected, that will be a focus…
“I will commission a review of council spending and funding, and ensure it is re-prioritised to deliver on basic city services. Decisions will be made together, not in isolation as they are now. I will establish a City Development Authority that will work with local residents and businesses on creating and delivering city projects that work with neighbourhood plans. Different to now, when people are consulted but they are not listened to … We need to do things differently … I want to bring an end to the divisive and disingenuous processes.”
He said he would be “a stable and safe pair of hands who can bring back unity to the council.” He would emphasise “unity, relationships and guardianship.”
In the audience for the launch in the Te Aro room above Macs Brewbar were Regional Council chair Daran Ponter, Hutt mayor Campbell Barry and Porirua mayor Anita Barry. City councillor Diane Calvert identified herself as one of Eagle’s supporters. Labour councillors Fleur Fitzsimons and Jill Day who are leaving the city council were also in the audience.
Paul, let’s be clear on your comment, “Nine out of ten people are dissatisfied with the city … We’ve got some serious issues we need to fix … I want a unified team of councillors, to get our mojo back and turn our city around.” In fact, 88% of residents are dissatisfied with this council according to the latest WCC survey. The city is an inanimate object, it’s the majority of this council that residents are dissatisfied with. But you’re getting these self-same councillors to support you in your quest, so how’s that going to work?
Paul Eagle, endorsed by Labour councillors, is a member of a Labour government which has brought in numerous measures which are highly destructive to New Zealand. They include:
– Measures to undermine traditional property rights, contrary to the Legislative Guidelines, which stress their importance;
– Bribing all and sundry to replace agriculture with monoculture pine, including allowing foreign purchase of pasture providing it is converted to forestry;
– Numerous abusive education programmes, from critical race theory, to lying about polar bears, to bullying little kids into feeling insecure about their gender.
– The intent to divide us wherever possible, including racially.
Wellingtonians have made it clear that they abhor the present Labour / Green council and its ideologies. They would be making a big mistake if they thought Paul Eagle would be any different.

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