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The former baseball player revealed to his fans that he was worried he was losing his vision
At the end of March, Alex Rodriguez shocked everyone on his social media channels by asking his fans for help with a health problem that had him worried.
His eyesight was failing and he wanted advice.
“Hello, how are you all? I’m having a big problem. I used to be known for my good eyesight 20/10, 20/15…. Now I wake up in the morning and I can’t read my messages, my emails, I can’t even tell if I have my blackberry or my iPhone,” Rodriguez wrote.
“Any suggestions on what I should do to make my eyes better? Thanks in advance, see you!”
Days later, A-Rod appeared wearing glasses that he would wear to try to correct his problem. Since then, he has not talked about his eyesight but fans are still wondering about him.
The answer is simple, he looks happy. It’s true that he hasn’t been seen much with his new glasses, at least in public, but the problem doesn’t seem to have gone any further and it doesn’t seem to be something he’s worried about.
In recent weeks he has been seen enjoying himself with the Minnesota Timberwolves. They made the playoffs but were eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks, but A-Rod was very proud of his team’s work.
He was also seen with his new love, Kathryne Padgett, who seems to have filled the void left by Jennifer Lopez, who is now with Ben Affleck.
Further proof that Alex Rodriguez is in good shape is that he keeps posting content on his social media accounts doing sports, especially in the gym. He has been sweating it out with hard work using weights or doing cardio, proving that at 46 he is still in great shape.
The latest posts from his holidays in Italy show him on board a yacht. He is always surrounded by friends, and by his girlfriend Kathryne and in recent days he has also been enjoying the company of his daughters and his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis, with whom he has a great relationship.
Even on the high seas, A-Rod has continued to work out in a makeshift gym that he set up for the holiday.
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