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by Happy
June 15, 2022
Images: Pilot
by Happy
June 15, 2022
Worried about hair loss? You’re not alone. Studies show that one in five Aussie men start balding in their 20’s. But no matter the age, it can be a pretty unnerving experience for anyone to go through.
Here’s the good news, though. The team over at Pilot have developed a groundbreaking, personalised hair loss treatment that actually works!

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what renowned radio personality, Bruno Bouchet, had to say after finding success with Pilot’s 2 ingredient plan in 2021: “I’m beyond grateful to Pilot for helping out my follicles. It worked for me at a time when I thought it was all over.”
Designed by Dr. Russel Knudsen, a leading Aussie hair loss expert with 40 years of experience in the game, Pilot has the backing of over 17,000 happy customers who vouch for its revolutionary ability to prevent, slow down, and even reverse hair loss.
So, how does it actually work? – Basically, Pilot takes two commonly prescribed treatments and combines them to create one simple (and effective) daily treatment. These medications are proven to have an 83% success rate at retaining hair, and a 66% success rate at regrowing it.

Men of Australia, spread the word. There’s hope for your hairlines. Pilot has everything you need to achieve your ultimate hair goals, and getting started is simple. If you jump on their website and fill out a short quiz, you’ll get the expert guidance you need in the nick of time. Don’t waste another day while your hair thins away!
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