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Apparently, only one percent of people can find it – if they can, comment because I can see nothing. (Credits: Facebook)
Apart from killing your boredom, some optical illusions can also double up as eye tests. Just like this recent hidden image of a panda shared by TikTok star Hectic Nick. Sharing the picture in one of his recent TikToks, Hectic challenged the viewers to solve the illusion and claimed that the hidden animal could only be spotted by one percent of people. “You can only like this video if you can find the hidden image in the picture. Apparently, only one percent of people can find it – if they can, comment because I can see nothing. Good luck, ” he said in the video, reported New York Post.
The clip instantly became viral as users attempted to decode the picture and spot the panda in it. Wanna give it a try?
Could not spot it in the first attempt? You surely are in the majority here. Most TikTok users struggled to spot the animal.
While most users scratched their heads looking for answers, a user suggested shaking the screen could help spot the hiding animal in the photo.
However, the panda wasn’t the only thing users claimed to spot hiding in the photo.
One of the users said that they spotted a basketball game happening in the photo while another suggested they too could see two or three people holding a ball in the air.
What did you see? Panda or Basketball?
In another similar optical illusion, Hectic has challenged users to spot a hiding elephant in the photo that depicted a hunter in a forest. Posting the photo, he also shared a trick to decode the illusion and asked users to flip their phones to spot the hiding tusker.
Users who claimed to spot the animal said that the outline of an elephant was hiding in the background. Two large trees seen in the photo made the legs of the elephant and smaller tress looked like the trunk.
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