Is Hair Thinning Bothering You? Dr Jaishree Sharad Says Your Problems May Be Due To These Factors – NDTV Doctor

Stress is a major reason in today's world that men and women alike are facing hair fall problems
Often many people complain of hair thinning. While the problem is often taken for granted or overlooked, it’s important to focus on the causes of this condition. The faster you get to know about the cause of your hair fall and hair thinning, the quicker you can treat it. There are several reasons because of which you may notice a scanty scalp. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad outlines the causes for this hair problem. In a post on Instagram, she has listed different reasons for hair thinning. Take a look at this list to know the causes that lead to hair thinning.
1) Your problem may be genetic, that is, you’ve got it through biological heredity from your parents.
2) Hair thinning is an indication of the natural process of ageing.
Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad enlightens viewers on the causes and treatment processes for dilated pores on the skin.
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3) Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, hypothyroidism, perimenopause etc can lead to hair fall and scanty scalp.
4) Certain medication routines also result in hair thinning as a side effect.
5) Stress is a major reason in today’s world that men and women alike are facing hair fall problems.
6) Nutritional deficiency in the body can be a concerning reason behind hair thinning problems.
7) Certain types of illnesses and diseases lead to hair fall.
8) Do you suffer from low haemoglobin levels? If so, this may be the reason for your thinning hair.
9) Frequent heat styling treatments can also cause hair loss.
10) If you are into using hair extensions regularly or if you tie your hair into a tight ponytail, you may be damaging your hair to an extent that it has started causing strain on your hair follicles. This will cause hair thinning.
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Remember, before jumping to conclusions and opting for a treatment for hair thinning, it’s important to identify the causes.
If you want to know about the treatments that can be used to prevent, stop or treat hair thinning, you can find tips from Dr Jaishree Sharad. In another post, she discusses treatments like blood tests, checking hormonal levels and nutritional deficiencies, consuming good amounts of proteins, etc.
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Follow these tips to identify and treat hair thinning problems.
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