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Following Young Animal’s most welcomed news of Berserk’s return, fans can now speculate on what’s to come based on recent and past events.
Warning! Spoilers ahead for Berserk chapter 364!
Following the incredible announcement from Berserk‘s publisher Young Animal that the manga will resume later this month, fans are once again participating in a highly exciting pastime that they never thought they’d ever get to do again: speculating about what will happen in the next chapter of Berserk.
The future of the most-beloved adventure epic first came into question upon the unexpected death of Berserk mangaka Kentaro Miura last year. Understandably, this saddening news was met by deeply aggrieved fans around the globe as the manga industry mourned the loss of one of its most legendary and talented mangaka. But now publisher Young Animal has provided the best possible update anyone could ever hope for by recently tweeting that Berserk will continue on June 24 and that the manga will be overseen by the late Kentaro Miura’s close friend Kouji Mori with art by Studio Gaga.
Now, events in the manga that fans had once been forced to painfully perceive as the final pages of a masterpiece can now be viewed as steppingstones of what is to come. To accomplish this, readers are now able to delve back into these pages in an effort to gain perspective on what’s next. Ever since chapter 263, Guts has been intent on traveling to the island of Skellig, first as a means to protect Casca while he and the rest of his comrades continued their journey against Griffith without her before evolving to a new possibility: to cure her. Guts’ intentions quickly changed when he learned that the elves there could possibly awaken Casca from the nearly catatonic state that had been afflicting her ever since she was assaulted during the terrifying Eclipse. Soon after their arrival on the long-sought-after island nearly 100 installments later, Guts’ comrades did finally a restore Casca back to her normal self for the first time ever since the Golden Age, but trouble still remained. Casca was unable to look upon Guts without triggering severe attacks of PSTD that threw her into terrifying fits of sheer horror.
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If that weren’t enough, what was originally Berserk‘s final installment before Young Animal’s recent announcement – chapter 364 – introduced another twist to Guts and Casca’s highly anticipated reunion. Griffith materializes in front of Guts and Casca for the first time since the bloody Eclipse. Prior to publication, Miura had passed before finishing chapter 364, so his assistants rewrote the dialogue in these final pages where Griffith appears to create a sense of finality whereby the words that were clearly meant to be spoken by Griffith’s apparition now served as narrations from someone, presumably Casca. This narrator clearly dismisses Griffith’s appearance as a literal occurrence, instead of using it figuratively to convey a sense of hope, creating the impression that Casca is moving on from the horrors that were afflicted upon her so many years ago.
In Young Animal’s recent announcement, it was revealed that Berserk’s next six chapters that will come out this summer will conclude the ongoing Fantasia Arc/Elf Island arc before venturing into the next storyline. It’s therefore likely that these highly anticipated installments will explore the final few pages of chapter 364 from a literal perspective. Based on previous events, fans who are caught up have some idea of why Griffith would choose to confront Guts and Casca. Griffith has slowly been amassing power through the manipulation of royals, nobles and holy men. This has allowed him to begin building a utopia where man and demon can live equally, a dream that has culminated in the creation of a massive capital known as Falconia. It’s clear that Griffith is trying to move on from the horrible atrocities he’s had to commit to try and get to where he is now.
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The true benevolence of this new version of Griffith is revealed in chapter 358 where he presents a highly ambitiously progressive undertaking, one that even his most loyalist followers balk at. Griffith is undoubtedly more driven in his endeavors now as he recently met with his previous comrade-in-arms from the Band of the Hawks, Rickert, who shot down Griffith’s request to join him in his reclaiming of the world. This meeting represented a great deal for Griffith since Rickert was the first member from the Band of the Hawks whom he’d met ever since betraying and sacrificing them for his own personal gain. Griffith clearly wants those who know of his bloody past to move on and embrace him as he is now, and his appearance in chapter 364 undoubtedly was done in service of that.
Before Griffith’s appearance, Berserk had already been taking an unexpected turn. Despite everything Griffith did to him and his brothers in arms, Guts was clearly moving past his hatred of Griffith. In chapter 345, Guts made a shocking confession: that he was almost free of his obsession with Griffith, having found greater purpose in protecting his new group of friends and family. This development was later followed by an even more foreshadowing. The mysterious Skull Knight, a godly being that has been aiding Guts in his ongoing quest at various intervals, tells Guts 15 installments later that Guts is reaching the end of his journey in chapter 360.
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It would be incredible if Griffith’s arrival provides Guts with the validation that he has moved on from vengeance It’s not too farfetched, as the possibility that Guts would allow himself to let go of this hatred was a development fans wouldn’t have thought possible. Additionally, the figurative reading of what was then Berserk’s final chapter creates the impression that even Casca is coming to view her terrifying fugue as a dream that will soon fade with time. Guts and Casca have their own demons to tackle, but they are creating the remnants of a real family with the mysterious Moonlight Boy. Although it would be powerful if Guts and Casca decided to stay behind and start a family together on the elven paradise, it’s unlikely since both characters are so integral to the story. It’s therefore possible that the next six chapters that will conclude this arc will show Guts and Casca confronting their problems before agreeing to continue their quest. However, their involvement would need to convey a sense of peace, not vengeance. Could they possibly even meet with Griffith like Rickert had done?
Many other aspects that Miura has already explored will need to be addressed in these upcoming chapters. Last year, Berserk revealed that Guts and the Skull Knight are more alike than readers initially assumed, whereby Guts’ destiny could actually be intertwined with the mysterious knight if he fails to change his ways. There are also, of course, the origins of Berserk’s Moonlight Boy that need explaining along with more scenes depicting Griffith’s ongoing campaign as he expands his territory across the land. Regardless, fans are understandably overjoyed by Young Animal’s news about Berserk‘s return. Even though Miura will tragically never be able to finish what he started, it’s clear that his legacy is in the right hands, a man who will honor Miura’s vision and allow people around the world to see the characters whom they have fallen in love with over the decades come back to life to continue impacting their lives outside of Berserk‘s pages.
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