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Legends are the backbone of the Apex Legends Mobile experience. They are not only the playable characters, but each one has a set of abilities that set them apart from the others. Players should choose the Legend that best suits their playstyles. Of course, you can always learn new playstyles by using different characters. Here is every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile and what they do.
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There are 10 Legends at the time of Apex Legends Mobile's launch. Each one has special abilities and playstyles to match a variety of players.
Below is a list of each Legend in Apex Legends Mobile as of May 30, 2022. Each Legend has three abilities. One is Passive and is active all the time. The second is Tactical and it’s a mid-range ability with a shorter cooldown. The final is called Ultimate and it’s a powerful ability with a longer cooldown.
In-game, you can go to any Legend, hit the Details button, and view videos about each ability and how they work. In addition, each Legend is either Support, Recon, Offensive, or Defensive.
Bloodhound is a recon-type character. Most of his abilities help you locate hidden enemies.
Lifeline is a support-type character and she should be among the first you unlock after the tutorial. She focuses primarily on healing.
Bangalore is an offensive-type Legend that uses smoke and high speed to dispatch opponents.
Mirage is an offensive-type Legend. He uses decoys and invisibility to confuse and overwhelm opponents.
Octane is an offensive-type Legend with a focus on speed and self-healing. The higher mobility allows you to engage opponents more on your terms than theirs.
Gibraltar is a defense-type Legend who relies on the tried-and-true bubble shield approach.
Pathfinder is a recon-style Legend. He uses a grappling hook and zip line abilities to move quickly across the battlefield.
Wraith is an offensive-type legend who can phase in and out of the void. I actually disagree with this classification as her abilities make her a much better recon player, but it’s not my call to make.
Caustic is a defensive Legend who relies on traps and poison to defeat enemies.
Fade is an offensive Legend and also uses the void, similar to Wraith, to confuse, disorient, and sneak up on enemies.
Most Legends are unlocked as you play and level up naturally. Thus, you shouldn’t need to buy any Syndicate Gold or grind an event to get them. The only exception to that is Fade.
When forming a squad, it’s a good idea to select Legends that work well with each other. Some folks opt for something basic like one offensive, one defensive, and one support Legend. Others select Legends based on other factors. Below are some good, albeit basic combos that should work well.
There are many more combinations. Some other small tips for forming a squad or picking a Legend:
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I would bet money on it. The console and PC version of the game already has several Legends not available in the mobile game and it’s likely only a matter of time before they’re added to the game too.


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