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Updated At: Jun 04, 2022 01:39 PM (IST)

Hairfall- A major concern
Our current lifestyle makes us more prone to problems like hair fall, which ultimately leads to greater concerns such as hair loss. These days, many people are becoming victims of hair fall. This problem can occur due to stress, pollution, and poor quality of water.  Different people are trying different types of hair fall control methods such as oil treatment and shampoos but nothing has worked in the long run so far. 
Hair loss or alopecia means loss of hair from part of the head or body. It occurs when the cycle of hair growth and shedding is disturbed or when the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.
Normally, new hair replaces the lost hair on our heads. But when this does not happen, baldness occurs. It can gradually develop over years or can happen suddenly sometimes. Hair loss can appear in many different ways, depending on what’s causing it.
In, India many people are affected by hair loss problems. This problem does not only affect the appearance but also hurts the pride and self-esteem of the person.
COVID related hair fall
There is a sharp rise in the number of temporary reversible hair loss cases in post-COVIDpatients due to physical and emotional stress. Hair loss post COVID usually begins two or three months after the patient has recovered from Covid-19. Noticeable hair loss usually starts after an average of about 55 days post-recovery. Hair loss happens due to fever because of infection, diet changes, stress due to isolation, and stress-related factors. This hair loss is known as telogen effluvium.
This condition is a temporary form of hair loss and is often seen in COVID patients because of the shock that the body sustains resulting from fever and other symptoms. Problems such as hair loss are fast emerging as one of the common side-effects of this pandemic; With just 4 sessions of the QR 678® therapy, there is an increase in the density of existing hair follicles, offering great coverage to the ones with hair loss. This research study has also been published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.
The QR 678® hair treatment cost is quite less compared to other hair fall treatments.
What is QR 678®?
QR 678® – a proprietary, first-in-class hair fall & hair regrowth therapy, which has revolutionized the treatment of hair fall in alopecia. This formulation has been named QR 678® inspired by the new generation ubiquitous presence of the “Quick Response“ QR code.
The QR 678® hair treatment cost is very minimal which makes it an extremely affordable treatment for hair fall.
The therapy was invented by Dr. Debraj Shome – Clinical Scientist & Leader, R&D Team, QR 678®, and Dr.Rinky Kapoor; Both are celebrity cosmetic surgeons from India and co-founders of  The Esthetic Clinics which are a chain of top-class dermatology & plastic surgery centers located in various cities in India.
They observed that male pattern baldness, known as Androgenic Alopecia characterized by progressive hair loss in men growing at a rampant rate of 58% in males aged 30-50 years which initiated their urge to research and find a solution to this cosmetic issue leading to the invention of QR 678®.
The QR 678® hair treatment cost makes it the first choice of many people.
The therapy curbs hair fall and increase the thickness, the number, and density of existing hair follicles, offering greater hair coverage to the ones with alopecia. They ran comparative trials between the QR 678® and PRP treatments with QR 678® treatment causing almost 300% better results than the PRP. The therapy also increases the uptake of traditional hair transplants by 50 %. It is a cost-effective procedure as QR 678® hair treatment cost is very less compared to other exorbitant procedures.
QR 678® Advanced technology for hair growth
The QR 678® therapy arrests hair fall & increases the thickness, number, and density of existing hair follicles leading to greater coverage in hair loss. The polypeptides used in the formulation are present in our scalp, making it natural growth factor-based treatment. The polypeptides penetrate deep into the scalp and provide nourishment to the scalp, which results in hair growth. The QR 678® hair treatment cost makes it a first choice among many people as it is an affordable procedure.
Unlike other treatments that contain minoxidil & finasteride, QR 678® therapy is completely devoid of side effects. QR 678® received FDA approval for manufacturing and sale being the most effective therapy for hair regrowth.
How the therapy works
Signals passed between the upper and lower layers of skin trigger the growth of hair follicles; The 3 stages of hair follicle development are anagen (growth), catagen (dormancy), and telogen (shedding); Extending the anagen phase helps in hair development and growth factors pass the signal to do just that.
Growth factors tell the dermal papilla cells to start growing or trigger the anagen phase& QR 678®  is a special preparation of those growth factors that send this message across with precision.
This process is facilitated by Mesotherapy which is carried out with the patented QR 678®  molecules. These molecules are branded development elements, used by little practically pain-free administration into the scalp. Growth of hair calls for 5-8 sessions dispersed 2-3 weeks aside each. Typically 1 ml of solution is inserted per sitting, each sitting requires 15 mins, no medical center stay is needed, and every session costs approximately Rs. 7000. QR 678® hair treatment cost is very minimal as compared to other treatments.
This form of hair treatment/therapy is a mixture of natural growth factors that are already present in the scalp and therefore it is completely safe to use on everybody. It has the right concentration of specific hair growth factors, does not have any side effects, is performed as an outpatient procedure and the results are visible within eight weeks of starting the treatment.
The therapy curbs hair fall and increases the thickness, the number, and density of existing hair follicles, offering greater hair coverage to the ones with alopecia or male pattern baldness & female pattern hair loss. The QR 678 ® therapy has also demonstrated encouraging results in post-chemotherapy-induced hair loss, treatment of hair conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, and immunogenic diseases like alopecia areata. QR 678® hair treatment cost has made it easy for many patients to opt for this treatment.
QR 678® Advantages
●       It is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure.
●       It does not have any side effects since it is a plant-based treatment.
●        QR 678® hair treatment cost is 1/10th of any hair transplant which means it is a cost-effective procedure.
●       It offers three times better results than PRP treatment.
●       It is a quick and effective procedure as one session takes only about 15 minutes.
●       QR 678® has a more than 90 percent success rate.
Dr. Debraj Shome- A pioneer behind the invention of QR 678®
Dr. Debraj Shome has been a global pioneer in new techniques and solutions in Facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery for more than a decade. While facial plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery are well-known super specialties globally, very few surgeons in India are specially trained in these specialties.  For his remarkable work, Dr. Debraj Shome was awarded the “Indian of the Year – 2017” by the Indian Leadership Conclave. He also invented QR 678® hair growth therapy to help people who are suffering from hair loss. The  QR 678® hair treatment cost is quite less and it is an affordable treatment.
The Esthetic Clinics, co-founded by Dr. Debraj Shome, recognizes that it is impossible for anyone surgeon to be good in all spheres of plastic and cosmetic surgery and hence we believe in a multi-specialty approach to give our patients the very best in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. The Esthetic Clinics has multiple centers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad in India.
Dr. Rinky Kapoor
Dr. Rinky Kapoor is one of the best Dermato-Surgeon, skin specialists (dermatologists), skin laser experts, and cosmetic dermatologists in India. Her list of patients includes both Indian and foreign nationals. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a celebrity skin specialist and many Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses seek her advice and trust her treatment methods for various skin treatments.
Dr. Kapoor was a consultant dermatologist in Mumbai from the year 2006 to 2009 and worked under the able guidance of Dr. Rekha Seth (Founder president Emeritus of Cosmetic Dermatology Society India). Dr. Kapoor has worked on the development and improving the laser suite and dermato surgery facility all over the country. She has worked with a team of doctors and beauty and salon professionals to understand the current needs and incorporate them into treatments accordingly.
Dr. Rinky Kapoor was the head of the Department of Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers at Apollo Health City, Hyderabad India from the years 2009-to 2011. Dr. Rinky Kapoor was solely responsible for the establishment of the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers in the Fortis Hospital Mumbai, India.
Currently, Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a Chief Coordinator and organizer of the core committee of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India. She has also been the co-investigator for the clinical trials conducted by Unilever Ltd. since the year 2004.
Dr. Rinky Kapoor co-founded The Esthetic Clinics which is the chain of the top-of-the-class aesthetic surgery and dermatology centers in India today. Dr. Kapoor is also the head of the department of Cosmetic Dermatology and Skin Laser Treatment at S L Raheja Fortis Hospitals, Mahim, Mumbai India.
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