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If you were able to spot the elephant without the cue, your eyesight may be better than 99 percent of the world. (Credits: YouTube)
Optical illusions may appear to be simple but can be a hard nut to crack. Just like this viral picture puzzle that hides an elephant inside it. The brain-teasing optical illusion was recently posted online by TikTok user Hectic Nick who claimed that only one percent of the people will be able to spot the hiding animal. He, however, also shared a trick to decode the photo and asked his viewers to flip their phones to spot the hiding animal, reported Ney York Post. “Only one percent of people can find the hidden elephant in this image. It’s not easy, but try flipping your phone over and you might be able to find it. Send this to a friend and see what they do,” read the caption shared with the video.
Could you spot it? No? Don't worry as you aren't the only one unable to spot the elephant in the frame. Most users struggled to spot the giant animal in the photo.
Users who claimed to spot the tusker suggested that an outline of the animal was hiding in the background. The two large trees seen in the photo are the leg of the elephant and the smaller tree is its trunk.
If you were able to spot the elephant without the cue, your eyesight may be better than 99 percent of the world.
Optical illusions, lately, have become quite popular on social media. Earlier, a puzzle featuring a sketch drawn on a black sheet had gone viral on the internet. The photo apparently featured two animals but users were able to see only one on the first attempt. Some spotted a duck while others saw a rabbit. There were also others who claimed to spot both. So what did the image suggest?
This rabbit duck optical illusion was first published in the German magazine Fliedende Blätter in 1982. According to it, if someone can switch between the image of a duck and a rabbit, their brain works faster than others who could see only one animal.
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