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Big Brother Australia star Regina ‘Reggie’ Bird has revealed she’s been targeted by sick trolls ahead of her return to the reality TV show.
The 48-year-old, who took out the title in 2003, is one of eight past winners and fan favourites who will battle it out against new competitors in the latest season.
Watch Reggie, Dave Graham, Tim Dormer and Trevor Butler speak to Nat and Kochie in the video above
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In a new interview with Sunrise, the much-loved housemate revealed she has been copping criticism and conspiracy theories on social media about losing her eyesight.
The mother of two lives with tetinitis pigmentosa, a rare degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment.
“I have just nine degrees of central vision, no periphery, no night vision,” she told Natalie Barr and David Koch.
Reggie said she was “preparing for a barrage of trolling” after the show goes to air on Monday night, revealing that nasty comments had “already started” being posted to social media.
“People are saying that it’s fake and I’m not really going blind,” she explained.
The sad admission left the Sunrise presenters stunned.
“Oh come on, really? It is such a sewer isn’t it, social media,” Kochie said.
“How could people abuse you about your eyesight?” Nat asked.
However, rather than getting angry, Reggie said she wanted to “be the voice of educating these people”.
“Just because you’re going blind, you don’t just sit at home and do nothing, you still get out there and you can do anything,” she explained.
The reality TV star also hopes to show her two kids, Mia, 15, and Lucas, 12, “how good their mum really is.”
“I battle each day as it is, so going into the house will be a challenge for me, but once I work out where I am and where things are, I’ll be OK.”
Big Brother: Royalty v New Blood starts at 7.30pm on Monday night on Seven and 7plus.
A total of 21 new and returning housemates will enter the custom-built house with the aim of surviving every eviction and living together for 62 days.
They’ll be cut off from the outside world with cameras and microphones recording their every move for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The winner will walk away with a $250,000 cash prize.
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