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Worried about your vision? These iPhone and Android apps claim they can help improve it with visual exercises.
Many people experience deterioration in their eyesight as the years go by. If you’re tired of taking forever to get through a paragraph, or you always have tried eyes and would like to find ways to improve your eyesight, there’s a solution for you.
Here are several iOS and Android apps designed to help you improve your eyesight.
GlassesOff is a popular vision training app. The app claims to help you get rid of your reading glasses through a series of exercises included in the eye training program. Whether that is true or not, you won’t lose much from trying, so it’s not hard to see why the app has so much traction.
This app is suitable for anyone experiencing blurred vision, fatigue, or eye strain. However, this app isn’t only for people who are already experiencing these issues, but also for people who might foresee their vision deteriorating in the future.
GlassesOff offers a free trial where you can train your eyes every day for a week. If you’d like to continue accessing the app, you can subscribe for $9.99 per month, or $24.99 every three months.
Download: GlassesOff for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)
Eyes Recovery Workout is an Android app that focuses on restoring your vision and relaxing your eyes. Computer screens can be harmful to our eyes, and if you’re looking for ways to prevent eye strain, this is one of them. You can use this app for a few minutes a day to help bring your eyes back to life.
Eyes Recovery Workout has a simple interface, allowing anyone to easily maneuver through the exercises in the app. It is also free to use and doesn’t require a subscription, unless you want to get rid of the ads.
Download: Eyes Recovery Workout for Android (Free)
The Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise app is only available on iOS. The app gives you four exercises to choose from: Relax, Improve, Prevent, and Refresh. However, under the free plan, you can only access the Relax feature, though that is still effective in reducing eye strain on your Apple devices.
To access all the features of this app, you must subscribe at $2.99 per month, or pay a yearly cost of $23.99.
Download: Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise for iOS (Free, subscription available)
This app gives you more than a few exercises that focus on different aspects of your eyes. The Daily Training feature incorporates 12 eye exercises, including warm-up exercises, focus exercises, and relaxing exercises.
While 12 exercises may be enough for some, you can still gain access to more on the app. To access additional exercises, you must sign up as a PRO subscriber and pay one of the following subscriptions:
With the PRO subscription, you’ll get access to eight additional exercises: relaxing eye yoga, full eye massage, release headaches, nearsightedness, farsightedness, double vision, dominant eye, and a color blindness test.
Download: Eye Trainer App for iOS |
Android (Free, subscription available)
We rely so much on our eyes that they can get strained and deteriorate over time. So it’s important to put in effort to help your eyes recover, and the apps we mentioned above can help you do just that.
Nonetheless, apps aren’t the only way to improve your eyes. You can also protect your eyes in other ways specific to whatever devices you’re using.
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