Chemtrail processes at work on the ground
International Chemtrail Association Unveils Collaboration With Renewable Energy Industry
Friday, May 15, 2015 by: Jean-Baptiste Groutfinger, Torocoprologist/Anti-DHMO activist

In a shocking development, the International Chemtrail Association this week unveiled a collaborative project with the Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation, one of Canada's major providers of renewable energy. 

According to the ICA's press release, three years of research and development have gone into creating a wind turbine that combines the generation of non-fossil-fuel-based energy with the introduction of barium, aluminium and other nano-particles into the atmosphere for the purpose of Solar Radiation Management, or SRM.  Located upwind of the US/Canadian border, the press release states that "[chemtrails] made by the facility will mostly benefit the Northern states of Washington, Idaho and Montana".

When we approached the ICA with our concerns about this project Captain Carl, a spokesman and spray pilot for the ICA said: "Thankyou for your interest in the work of the ICA.  This new ground-level chemspray facility will facilitate our work to combat the potentially extinction-level threats presented by anthropogenic climate change, and means that a permanent safeguarding presence for many US citizens is now being provided from Canadian soil at no cost to them, whilst simultaneously providing cheap renewable energy to Canadian homes and businesses.  Your name has been added to the list of our supporters in our application for further public funding.  Dimmer skies are safer skies!"

The ICA expects that savings in jet fuel from unmarked chemspray planes that would normally have patrolled this area will run into millions of dollars a year; money the ICA says it will channel into improving chemtrailing technology in its next generation of aircraft.  According to Captain Carl, the ICA is already prototyping aircraft that have a cargo capacity far beyond the largest planes currently in service.

He told us, "One thing people don't realise is just how much chemspray agent we need to carry to make the long chemtrails for which we have become famous.  Our chemtrails can sometimes be many hundreds of miles long, so our planes need to carry a volume of chemspray that is many, many times heavier than our largest planes would be if they were totally full of concrete.  We expect to be flight-testing our latest chemtrail plane very soon, and our initial research indicates that it will be able to carry far more chemspray agent than it can actually carry, just as is needed."

As can be seen in the accompanying photo, the creation of trails from these wind turbines is a result of the same processes which result in the formation of trails left in the sky by aircraft.