New Wireless Headphones Can Transmit Crap Music into your Brain Via Ears
Thursday, Sep 22, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

No more tangles from the tangle fairy who comes into your room at night and messes up your wires, cables, and headphone leads as you sleep. With the latest earbuds there’s no more mangled leads.

The new headphone lead that is invisible to the naked eye known as ‘Air Lead’ is cool in the bedroom on your own at night, but also capable of making you look a prize idiot in public.

According to sources, the latest cordless earbuds is a remote listening device that can pick up a Bruce Springsteen concert performed in the USA from a few weeks back, and is also capable of alerting everyone that your Meat Feast Pizza is ready from your microwave the following Saturday... At the same time. How’s that for a technology, multi- tasking device?

Scary Warning

Remote earbuds have been known to cause an electrical shortage within the Brain due to increased activity as the sparks that are passed around the empty cavity located inside the ‘Gapes- Gapdom’, and could scare any witness into running to a bathroom of their choice.

How Remote Earbuds Work

Radio waves are transmitted through the right earbud that passes through the ‘Gapes-Gapdom’ to a separate signal located on the outer edge of the left earbud that loops around the face back into the right earbud...
...For your earworm.