Vibrational Therapy:Balance your Chakras
Thursday, May 28, 2015 by: Persephone Star, Sexology and Tantric Vibrations

Ok Girls, so here is some fantastic research coming out of Alchemy University. Scientists have been exploring how deep vibration of the root chakra can balance the subtle energies of all seven chakras.

Evaluations from studies recorded at the university where test subjects have been using vibrators have had profound results. The women who have participated in the studies all have certain imbalances of their chakras, from the root to the crown. “Of the 1000 studies recorded, most of the imbalances were underactive root chakra and also underactive crown chakra” said researcher Patel Umbergaras. He also noted that some women had particularly overactive sacral chakras, signalling excessive amounts of sexual desire and gratification.

As many of our readers will know the 7 main chakras (subtle energetic frequencies) run along the centre of the body.

Root = Survival

Sacral = Sex

Solar Plexus = Power

Heart = Love

Throat = Expression

3rd Eye = Perception

Crown = Spiritual


The research at the centre is proving that by stimulating vibration in the root chakra, increased  energy to the entire energetic channel in the body promoting wellness, balance, happiness and spirituality is greatly enhanced and are working in unison.

At a cost of around £25 for a good vibrator, and only batteries to replace, this might just put a few light workers out of business.

“Once each individual chakra is vibrating in unison, your entire physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body raises to a new vibrational level to match the chakras. The more chakra energy work, the higher your whole body frequency will be raised. This will expand and raise awareness to a new state of being”

We interviewed one participant whose imbalance caused her many issues. “I joined the tests as I have been feeling insecure and lacking confidence after my divorce. It concluded my Root chakra was highly under-active. After using the vibrator for one hour a day, over a period of 10 days, I am now at a healthy balance of 75% active and all my chakra are aligned and balanced. I am overwhelmed”

As the beach boys say “I’m picking up good vibrations”