Use Sarcasm Instead of a Mallet
Friday, Sep 02, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Sarcasm is said to be a form of wit or intelligence. However, I think it’s just a way of thinking on our feet, or agreeing with the obvious. Some feel it’s just about throwing out an honest remark whilst maintaining a gracious ‘Muppet’ air of superiority.

Watching numerous mundane TV repeats or listening to an ear-drum busting, loud mouth standing next to you at the local bar, reports have suggested that the clever use of sarcasm can save your sanity and your life.

With my ‘Drop the Mallet campaign’ you can gen-up on sarcasm.

By using the tool of sarcasm, you need not shout or think about reaching for a mallet for those who annoy you. All you have to do is master the cutting remark with a smile on your face. The great thing about knowing how to sink into to the ‘lowest form of wit’, there is no need for any other tool to defend yourself.

With my guide: How to make Sarcasm Work for You. You cannot go wrong. Do you know that sarcasm is also a survival technique when the humble Mallet is not available?

I have drawn up a No Mallet, Use Sarcasm guide to help anyone who cannot lay their hands on a heavy weapon in an emergency:

The No Mallet – Use Sarcasm Guide

  • Look as though you are interested in what others have to say
  • Always begin your witty response as though you care
  • Do not smile or laugh when delivering your witty line
  • Offer your sarcastic thoughts and opinions as though you are maintaining a serious conversation
  • Leave group when you feel you have exhausted yourself and everyone around you.
  • Sarcasm is in the mind of the beholder. During these times it’s best to convince everyone around you:
  • You are ‘Clever at being Stupid’, and they’re stupid at being clever.


Coping Strategies: When you know you are driving around a one-way car-park the wrong way, but a pedestrian will always let you know that you are going the wrong way. – Fighting Back with Wit and a smile on your Face. - R E Roberts.

Guidance for the Stupid at being Clever.Org

And help for those who are not clever at being stupid or clever, also includes The Subsidiary action group for the Stupid at being Stupid, but not clever. Org

Hammered helpline: Dial: 010101 101 001 100 101 ext. 101 000111 - Ask for Ted.