Traces of Oregano with Hidden Extras
Thursday, Jul 30, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Benefits of Oregano

A Genus of the mint family, sometimes known as wild Marjoram and is used as a culinary and medicinal herb. With its powerful Antioxidant and Anti-Bacterial properties, it is known that adding good quality Oregano herb to your cooking can give you a numb a tongue; however, few have had that privilege. The benefits also not experienced with this herb include Increased Fibre, Iron and Vitamins A C E & K intake.

Culinary Oregano

Fans of Mediterranean food must be a little disappointed in hearing that one in four supermarket and specialist outlets selling packets and jars under the name Oregano has been found to contain hidden extras; creating something of a ‘herb blend’ but failed to mention it. The ‘extras’ are dried foliage from the Olive and Myrtle leaf, identical in appearance to that of the Oregano leaf. That must explain the absence of a numb tongue. Since the discovery of the ‘herb blend’, it is hoped that this little issue can be rectified, stating the ingredients: ‘Oregano and other stuff ‘ or just plain Oregano.

The questions we should be asking ourselves: Have I only liked the secret ingredients? What does Oregano taste like? How long will my tongue be numb? Will it be a wise move eating food with Oregano just before an important interview or during a first date?