Go Gluten-free
Gluten Can Cause Autism And Schizophrenia
Monday, Aug 03, 2015 by: Ben J. Johnson, Staff Writer

In recent years it has become somewhat of a celebrity driven fad to cut out Gluten from our diet, with many people considering cutting down or eliminating the indigestible protein from their diets.  In fact in a recent poll, 30 percent of adults said they wanted to "cut down or be free of gluten" according to the market research company, The NDP Group, that conducted the poll.

Gluten is a constituent of many grains, including wheat, rye and barley and so can be found in most breads, cereals, pastas and many processed foods.

In people suffering from Coeliac disease, Gluten triggers an immune response which then damages the intestines, and therefore has to be avoided at all costs, with even the Gluten contained in a single crouton giving them a bad time.  But there may be reason for everyone to eliminate Gluten from their diets, after research done by Dr Alessio Fasano has linked Gluten intolerance to schizophrenia and autism.

Of course there are detractors of the Gluten-free diet, saying it is little more than a scam to promote the sales of Gluten-free products, which were worth $4.2 billion in 2012, however the sales of autism inducing breads alone are worth ten times the amount, so one cannot help wondering if these same detractors are paid shills from the cereal-industrial complex.

If you would like to remove Schizophrenia causing grains from your diet, you can get started by follow these simple tips from J P Sears :