The Sleepless Guide for Insomniacs
Friday, Sep 25, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Recent findings have suggested a staggering four out of five Insomniacs have suffered sleep problems during their lives. Sleeping patterns amongst the restless had increased with the number of nights’ broken with more than four hours deep sleep. Many insomniacs’ claim they had no memory from the previous night, due to sleep.

As every successful insomniac is aware, many factors are responsible for a sleepless night. However, interrupted wakefulness due to the falling asleep and not realising a sleeping pattern had developed, can make a sleeper worry they are not awake long enough to label his/her self an Insomniac.

There are many self-help techniques and anti-sleep products available which has helped millions toward a sleepless life.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

‘I must go to bed, to be awake all night’ feeling strikes, it is important to have a busy evening and an early night to increase the amount of time staring at the ceiling and watching the clock.

Increase Anxiety and Dread

Many Insomniacs have always owned an uncomfortable mattress and pillow for nights’ tossing and turning, however, the gaping Eyed amongst the restless had become so comfortable; they had fallen asleep.

Sleep issues can mean progressing to the next level of discomfort with ‘The Ejector Mattress and Pillow Set’, made from natural fibres and is specially designed to give the agitated a wakeful night. The Ejector Mattress with its built-in ‘Toss and Turner Sensors’ that will detect lack of movement lasting 10 minutes, will catapult any lackadaisical from their bed. The Smelling Salts Pillow soaked in rancid liquid before leaving the warehouse; gives the problem sleeper the option to smell the pungent aroma before ejection. The Pungent Pillow makes a great Anti-Ejector.

“Thanks to my Pungent Pillow, I feel great knowing I wouldn’t be thrown across the room from my bed during the night. The suffering with Insomnia has greatly improved.” – Says Pamela

Include Activity and Frustration

The Anti-Insomnia Mattress increases activity for anyone who fails to use his or her pungent pillow. Ejection can occur up to three times a night during the first month. It is worth noting, while being thrown up and across the room the sleeper will move Arms and Legs. Regular activity has health benefits. The frustrated feeling will occur once you have finished with activity leaving the Insomniac wide awake and mentally alert.

Increase Blue Light

Smart Phone, Tablet, and PC are great devices for nocturnal reading and are a fantastic way to improve knowledge. Reading increases Brain activity and has Health Benefits.

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