Marrow & Plums
The Giant Marrow and Plum Diet
Saturday, Aug 29, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Ted Bandy, who lives in the back end of nowhere, has always prided himself on his small bushy patch of greenery. Though, a little overcrowded with his elephantine Marrow coupled with his hefty plums; Ted never realised he would be onto a winner, as a well-known slimming club had approached him for his oversized fruit for their latest venture, ‘The Marrow and Plum Diet’, known as ‘The So-So eating plan’ from ‘The Laid Bare Club’.

“I couldn’t believe my humongous Marrow and hulking Plums have helped so many people lose weight and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. I have always entered my fruit into competitions because of their size. When people ask me how my fruit grows so big, I tell them it’s natural; grown by my fair hand.” Explains, Ted.

The Health Benefits with the Marrow & Plum diet, from The Laid Bare Club.

The So-So menu plan is free from: Gluten, Cholesterol, some Sugar, Diary, Meat, and is suitable for a whole host of conditions associated with modern life: Hay Fever, Asthma, some Sugar Intolerance, Insulin Resistance, Lactose Intolerance and allergies such as Peanut and Gimp.

Two success stories from ‘The Laid Bare Club’

Marg, 58 - “I’m impressed with the So-So eating plan I feel so much better, every allergy I once suffered, no longer exists. I am eating natural food from someone I can trust, the colossal Marrow and two plums delivered to my home last year lasted a lot longer than I had expected. I feel great and I now wear elasticated waist trousers two sizes smaller. I’m getting there. LOL. Thanks to The Laid Bare Club, I am in control of my life, again... Who is Ted?”

Jayne, 43 ½, “Brilliant, Laid Bare, I was blown away with Ted’s giant Marrow and his massive plums; we had to have one of our windows removed to accommodate their hugeness. Wow! ...Gimp allergy, what is that? I must try that allergy, sometime.”

The Laid Bare Club issued the following statement for anyone who may follow the Marrow and Plum diet :

Success rate is dependent: On a slow Metabolism, Genetics, problem Glands, age and motivation. Other factors include a crap week at work, boredom, dipping your hands inside the cookie jar when no one is looking; or simply, not following the diet.


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