Mind your head!
The Danger with ‘Mind your Head’ Signs
Thursday, Oct 08, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Many tall people do not understand the importance with ‘Mind your Head’ signs, which are usually placed directly above low entrances to public buildings.

If you are tall, you are likely to suffer from injuries from a slight thump to the head due to a low door-way and lack of skill at negotiating the distance between the lowest and highest point with all public entrances despite the ‘Mind your Head’ notice placed directly above low access points into a room. It is not clear why so many people knock their head first before reading the warning.

“I never see the ‘Mind your Head’ warnings at first but when I bang my head on a doorway, I notice the sign. It’s amazing, how a simple warning can make me bang my Head; to mind my head.” – Karl, 24 lots of metres tall.

However, shorter people are also prone to silly accidents happening to themselves whilst passing through a high door; though never risk banging their head on a high door-way but had experienced falling down a steep step whilst reading the ‘Mind your Head’ sign upon entering any crowded place.

“I have always fallen down a steep step as I read the ‘Mind your Head’ Sign.” – says Stephanie, age 52, who stands at Short ft. 2 inches.

Dr. Conner at the University of Pointless Surveys conducted a recent study ‘Height and Mind your Head signs’, which concluded with latest findings and were found to be similar to earlier findings, from previous studies:

“Results have shown 99% of short people who read the ‘Mind your Head’ sign above doorways had either tripped up a step or had fallen down a step."

We can educate short people to make them aware of the danger involved reading doorway signs, which are there for the tall people. However, help is also available for tall people, to reduce the risk from receiving a blow to the head every time they pass through an opening to any room. Whatever your height there are lots you can do to reduce the risk knocking your head and falling up or down any steep step, upon entering any bar and restaurant.

Advice for Floor Dwellers

Do not look up whilst entering a crowded place to read the Mind your Head sign; I know it is very tempting to do so. It is important for you to break the habit. The ‘Please Mind the Step’ sign on the ground is the one for you; as height restrictions do not apply.

Advice for Head Bangers

Instead of being an expert with steps, it is advisable to look ahead to read all warning signs before hitting your head.