Tennis Balls Vs The Chinstrap Against Nocturnal Noise
Monday, Nov 09, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

The Tennis Ball was a widely regarded useful method to silence unwelcome nightly clatter... Night Time snoring. However, the scattered Tennis Balls was a problem for 2 out of every 2 people, as the scattered Tennis Balls propelled around a room each night made a tricky start to the day. A new way to stop snoring is available, with its easy to remember name: The Chinstrap, and works by strapping the Jaw closed for the night. Unlike the Tennis Ball routine, which resulted in a certain amount of discomfort after receiving a hammering from an overzealous ball launcher, the Chinstrap is painless and easy to use.

Based upon an idea during a sleepless night, Dr.Franks made the first Chinstrap using a simple method to stop his wife snoring. He noticed that, by closing her jaw whenever the noise became unbearable, the noise had stopped. However, when his hand grew tired or he fell asleep, the din would start again. An idea crossed his mind: ‘How can I keep my wife’s mouth fastened during the night without strapping it shut.’

With that thought, Dr. Franks left his wife’s mouth open for the rest of the night and went to the box room he once called his study and began work on a strap that would put a stop to his wife’s noise. Within hours a simple leash, ‘The Shut- Ya- Strap’ was born. Not only was the idea was a success; ‘The Shut- Ya -Strap’ went on to be renamed, The Chinstrap.

Professor Banks from The Franks & Banks Institute for Nightly Noise says, 'With slight modifications to the original version, we made the strap a little more comfortable for the user, with padding and good quality material to ensure a luxurious feel beneath the chin that extends up toward the ears, we also added expandable, comfort-fit loops which are situated at each end for hooking around the Ears. The chinstrap is now available in four chin sizes: small, medium and double. The unique design will suit any face shape.'

'Brilliant, much better than the Tennis ball, to think I used to insert a tennis ball inside my pillowcase but it was so uncomfortable, I hardly slept at night. The Tennis ball was useful for stopping my husband snoring.' - Sarah

'My wife had a machine that launched Tennis Balls at me every hour during the night. Since using the Chinstrap our nights are better and I much prefer having my Jaw clamped shut all night. The only problem is the loops make my ears stick out. Glad my wife has a sense of humour. Thanks to my Chinstrap, it has bought the fun back into our bedroom again; she laughs every night.' - Geoff

If you want to inject a little fun back into the bedroom at night, try the chinstrap, laughing at sticky out ears and a clamped Jaw followed with a good nights’ sleep, you won’t be disappointed.

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