Tattoo Related Diabetes On The Increase
Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Rumour has it, the last ten years has seen a boom in Tattoo-Related Diabetes, largely affecting the over forties; it is unclear why the condition has become widespread amongst the tattooed. Many factors are thought to be responsible for developing Tatt- Diabetes such as, knowing someone with the condition; many sufferers claim they had once looked at someone with a Tattoo.

Below are the risk factors associated with Tatt-Diabetes:

Over 40yrs
Close relative with tattoos
A bit on the tubby side
Lover of Ink

Dr. Farquhar, specializing in Diabetes at the University, ‘Hey Look, I’ve Found something’ and author of ‘Naff Tatts- Away with You’, says, “I am investigating the connection with Tattoos and Diabetes with my clients and the results are startling. I have been noticing a large number of my clients with crazy Tattoos and Diabetes from the age of forty.”

The Natural Way

People should be aware of the risks involved when they choose to have unnatural substances injected under their skin. However, it is not necessary to pump your body with Pharmaceutical medication just because you have been told you will be very ill in the future. The condition you have been living with for a number of years has not manifested itself. Our natural approach will greatly improve your well-being and reduce your chances developing Tatt-Diabetes: Our plastic crystals will remove all Tattoos and cure Diabetes. Our unique plastic works in a different way from real crystals. For best results: Each morning, insert ten of our powerful plastic crystals inside one of our over- sized, natural sponges (sold separately). Scrub every part of your body, paying special attention to all tattooed areas. After six years, you will notice a healthy Pink-Red glow to your skin. This abrasive method of tattoo removal, will leave you sore but refreshed, every day. It is also advisable to eat fresh fruit and vegetables: our book, ‘Cooking with Vegetables and Eating Fresh Fruit’, will guide you through the plethora of phallic- shape Fruit & Veg. photographs, with instructions as to what to do with them.” -

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