Groundbreaking Success for Emoji Self-Awareness Trials
Wednesday, Jun 22, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

An angry emoji head sitting in the corner of an undisclosed emoticon box jumped at the chance to join a new experiment of self-awareness in the hope of seeking some improvement to the existing ranting face displayed.

Unaware for a number of years and stuck with the same red, irate expression, a fellow emoji friend came to the rescue. The smiling face spent over two months trying to convince the livid face to have a good look in the mirror. It was no accident that a mirror had been added to the same line of mixed icons to encourage reflection.

‘By reflecting on current performance, and recognising there is a problem with the expression that has been given to you is the first step toward self-improvement.’ – Says Professor Emoji Smug, from line 4

Why Develop Self-Awareness

By enabling thoughts and interpretations to develop, gives the angry and the steam blowing from ears emoji a chance to express themselves with a series of happy faces as they watch amusing GIFS.

Offering the chance for every emoji to express themselves, will give them a better quality of life with a varied outlook. Earlier emoji self-awareness trials were hard to get started as it appeared the expressions displayed had no intention of changing, but a groundbreaking creation when a few objects were added to the emoticon box, gave a focal point. The mirrors were the icons that were needed to create self-improvement.

Studies have concluded emoji self-awareness volunteers now have improved their ability to express themselves in an intelligent manner. However, there are some emoticons who enjoy crying with laughter because it irritates the grinning, toothy, git of an icon below.