Laughter Yoga
Stretch it out with Laughter Yoga
Friday, Oct 16, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

If you thought, you had the ability to laugh at nothing, why not try giggling at nothing each week with weekly laughter meetings, which will guide you through the hidden techniques at laughing for no reason. The Laugher-lastic meetings with stretches and laughing will help you relax and has health benefits; with practice, anyone can pull it off with forced laughter.

The first time I attended my laughing class, it was amazing, I had to ask myself, what is this, then realised, I had experienced the question and I had my answer, which was no answer. I posed another question, why am I asking myself silly questions; again, there was no answer. I now, have two questions with no two answers.

For best results, Laughter Yoga is practised early mornings in a park where all the pre- laughers’ meet before sunrise, however, a local hall late evening, is also good, as the lights will be switched on. There is always a short warm up exercise to perform before laughing commences, stretching whilst saying haaa haaa and building up to ho ho and the occasional hee hee. The next level is chanting oooooooo and arghhhhh if all the ooo-ing and argh-ing isn’t enough, there’s always clapping, which will improve mood. Standing in a park during the cold winter mornings will further elevate mood for those belly laughs. This therapeutic method with laughter has helped many people overcome the winter blues.

‘Nothing can be found everywhere and when you find nothing that amuses you, laugh at it; after all, it is nothing to laugh about and laughing has everything that nothing has to offer.’ - explains, Bill Schitter, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Lone Laughing

Some laughing members cannot always attend the weekly classes, however, lone laughing has taken off in a big way thanks to the various CD’s., DVDs, magazines, emails, online site, podcasts and weekly newsletters delivered to your door... every 3 days.

For the busy people who have little time to attend weekly laughter groups laughing alone was born. Now, the solo laughers enjoy reading weekly magazines about laughter member’s experiences at the group meetings. Solo sniggery has proven to boost confidence for the group meetings; most loners had been voted as the best laugher from their group meetings and awarded with the coveted, ‘Best Laugher of the Week’ Badge, and a certificate at the end of each class.

‘Laughing has been a life changing experience for me. I can now bend over, hold my Ankles, and laugh, at the same time. As I have always lived in the moment, now I live before the day after next week.’ - Beth Bonger

​Everyone is welcome to laughter classes, however, if you have a ridiculous cackle or sound like a bleating Goat; it is worth trying lone laughing, as you will distract everyone in class.

In the Park before Sunrise, during the Winter Months with the Local Laughing Gang.
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