Diagnosis of cancer in action
People Who Self Diagnose Online More Likely to Have Cancer
Monday, May 18, 2015 by: Barry Hummus, Uropathist and Scatologist

An astounding discovery made during a recent study by the Rochester School of Ethnotopic Studies could be the key to early diagnosis of cancer. The research which was carried out using technologically advanced survey software called Survey Monkey shows that 93% of people who use self diagnosis websites like Web MD have in fact got cancer.

Of the people surveyed 62% were horrified to find that they had terminal cancer while researching symptoms such as "gummy ear" and "pain in lower belly". It is believed that the GP's of the world are conspiring against citizens on behalf of big Pharma who wish to sell more nasal spray and epsom salts. These people would not have had an inkling that they had terminal cancer if it were not for online self diagnosis websites who are providing far better medical advice than any 21st century Doctor.

If you have any symptoms whatsoever you should follow the diagnosis law of three:

  1. Check an online diagnosis website.
  2. Find the ailment that has the most personal meaning to your mortality (your instincts will tell you).
  3. Consult a holistic healthcare professional for treatment. (Uropathist, Homeopathist, Sacred Moon Angel Practitioner)

By following these fundamental rules you can be assured that you will get the best treatment available. You can easily find the right practitioner by doing a google search and asking yourself which one feels right in your heart space.

My preferred method for treating any illness is uropathy. Not only is urine a free source of medicine, it keeps you very well hydrated by aligning uric acid with your central core.