Satsumas Increases Your Risk For Healthy Eating
Friday, Dec 11, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Stark warnings have been issued about the risks associated with eating Satsumas during the run-up to Christmas. As the worrying trend for taking small steps toward the love of fruit, can lead to unusual fruit combinations during the month of January, leaving many battling with a nasty Fruit dependency.

‘A week before Christmas, what started as an innocent way of eating Fruit but left me fighting a Fruit addiction. I thought nothing about eating just the one Satsuma and another. Three days later, my habit had taken hold. I was eating too many Satsumas out of boredom. A month later, hoping to replace my Satsuma craving I began eating Grapefruit. My new Grapefruit routine did take my mind away from Satsumas but I was now on The Grapefruit Diet. I had another problem, a Grapefruit fixation. Grapes became a fantastic alternative to help me out of the fruit cycle, before I knew it, I was on the Grapefruit and Grape diet, which lasted a whole month.’ – Jayne

According to experts, ‘Eating 4 satsumas per week, reduces your chances of developing a Fruit addiction during the month of January.’

For a safe Satsuma Season:

Purchase just 4 Satsumas once a week
Stack your 4 Satsumas inside a small bowl

Thankfully, Jayne has now recovered by following the expert guidelines during Satsuma season, she has since married and fills her days with household chores and puts the rubbish out once a week.