A Made Up Drug
2015: The 2nd Summer of Death? CAKE is making a come back.
Monday, Jun 15, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

Some of our younger readers may have never heard about CAKE, a Bisturbile Cranabolic Amphetamoid drug made up in Czech kitchens and popular amongst drug abusing party going wasters during the 90s, however recently advances in Dimesmeric drug synthesis techniques developed in Belgium have led to an even more dangerous Methamphetamoid version of the drug becoming available to the youngsters attending rave parties across many countries and known as CAKE++ (partly named due to the near instantaneous habit formed by anyone using it just once, which compels druggists to take "two hits from the bong" in quick succession to maximise the effect on Shatner's Bassoon) and it's increasing prevalence as the number one cause of drug related deaths.  Here is some footage from nearly 20 years ago that outlines some of the properties and effects of CAKE and how the British Goverment took it's dangers seriously, but bear in mind that even with just a single "toke" CAKE++ is already 40 times more potent than it's predecessor, and so with the "double tap" that most users are compelled to take, the effects on the brain are just staggering!