The Hard Hitting Health Benefits of Semen
Monday, May 18, 2015 by: Persephone Star, Sexology and Tantric Vibrations

New and exciting research is fast approaching a change in the way we use seminal fluids for natural nontoxic treatments of many aliments.  Researchers from The Crystal Method Institute of Semenology   Laboratory [Kansas], are compiling fascinating data on the long hard list of beneficial treatment of bacterial and fungal infections by seminal fluid.

“We are waging a war on the long list of available toxic medicines and creams that are consumed on a daily basis by humans worldwide” says one of their leading researchers Doctor Richard Hard.

We asked one of the leading researchers from The Crystal Method Institute of Semenology lab, to explain to the public some of the health benefits of consuming seminal fluid on a regular basis.

Researcher Richard Hard says “it’s unbelievable and we should all be consuming this amazing natural elixir. We have conducted studies that have successfully cured and eliminated a range of infections, from chronic middle ear infections to breast cancer, and the research continues on”.

Laboratory researchers have been testing subjects with various infections and diseases, some chronic illnesses and also typical infections that many of us have experienced. The results are naturally profound, with some research being hard to swallow.

Human papillomavirus treatments at the lab reveal studies showing the treatment of viral infections such as verrucae and toe nail infections to have drastically improved by topically applying fresh seminal fluid to the infection over the course of 2 week observations.

Studies by Richard Hard  in the topical application of seminal fluid to swollen gums, mouth ulcers and poor dental hygiene treatments  such an tooth abscess are proving to be successful of the elimination of toxic or infectious diseases. Laboratory reports from The Crystal Method Institute of Semenology examine the statistics recorded by trainee dentist who are using their own semen on volunteer subjects for many dental treatments. “This approach is natural and has many less adverse side effects that what the FDA approved fluoride dental prevention treatments” says one of the trainee dentists. “We live in a toxic society that encourages poisonous substances as daily use; this natural treatment might just be a life saver and obviously, a much cheaper treatment. It’s changing the dentistry world, and encourages a more natural and holistic approach”.

Further research conducted by Doctor Richard Hard has proven that Ear infections, successfully treated by injection of seminal fluids given by anthropoid catarrhine primates stops infection, and also prevents  the Eustachian tube that runs from the middle of each ear to the back of the throat becoming cancerous. “Anthropoid catarrhine primates produce significantly more seminal fluid than ourselves, with conclusive evidence that the amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium, fructose, protein, zinc and also citrate reaching the Eustachian tubes is the equivalent of 10 injections of human semen higher per dose” say Doctor Richard Hard.

More evidence is being gathered by the institute to allow for further studies into bowel cancer. The leading researcher’s believe that seminal fluid may prevent this disease and help with the relief of IBS, constipation and other anal related issues. From their recent lab studies, a double blind test included 30 male subjects, all suffering anal diseases, having been cured by 2 daily doses of fresh seminal fluid.  Each subject underwent private sessions where semen was injected into the anus, whilst the subject was aroused by reflexology performed by a qualified therapist. Many of our readers will be aware of the benefits of reflexology and how the body can be manipulated through the meridians of the feet. Whilst these studies still need further research, the lab are interested in how semen can produce hard hitting antigens and be highly beneficial in cancer treatments.

I am sure our readers are as excited as we are with this research. So the next time you pleasure your partner, be sure to ingest, apply to any wart, infections, or even bathe in the amazing elixir of life, it could save your life natural readers.