Study Into Pharmaceutical Product, Linked To A Conspiracy Theory, Is Carried Out By Big Pharma
Monday, May 11, 2015 by: Ben J. Johnson, Staff Writer

In a really quite predictable move, a Big Pharmaceutical company has paid for a study into one of their products, which they are required to by law and we don't like the results!

Statutory obligation

The fact that governments require pharmaceutical companies to carry out safety tests on all the products before unleashing them on the public is some how the fault of Big Pharma, and those evil bastards deserve all the hate they get in the world.

Regardless of how many lives a product will ultimately save or make easier to enjoy, the fact that these Big Pharma companies can spend millions of dollars in Research & Development and then expect to recoup their investment beggars belief, but you can rest easy at night knowing the the team at Natural Newd is out there asking the hard questions and presenting the difficult truths.