Fatigue sets in
Lack of Motivation Blamed for Poor Attendance at Fatigue Management Courses
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

‘Fatigue management courses are designed to help the perpetually knackered, before the word fatigue enters their mind.’ - Behavioural Therapists Worldwide, (BTW)

According to the ’Fight Fatigue Soon’ action group (known as FFS) recently noticed membership decreasing. Many members have also dropped out of many of the fatigue, self-help, support classes, for no reason. It is not understood why. However, some experts have argued motivation is the cause.

FFS Guru, S. Palmer said, ‘We are hoping to encourage people to join all fatigue management courses that are available which are designed to help individuals manage the can’t be bothered symptom. Courses tackle the problems associated with getting out of bed when they wake up, to addressing complex problems, such as having to wake up when asleep.’

A spokesperson from the ‘What’s Wrong with You Journal’ said, ‘Recent studies have concluded that motivation is the cause behind the lack of interest for fatigue management courses.’

Many experts disagree with motivation being the problem and are convinced the anxiety felt when making the choice between which motivator to see first and leaving anxiety management classes unable to cope with the demand. As for fatigue groups, we can see the problem with the flagging numbers, as relaxation classes are helping with anxiety before the painful decision can be made for any problem management course to attend.