New Studies In Homeopathy Show That Drinking Tap Water Is Just As Effective As Diluting Any Ingredient To Infinity.
Sunday, May 10, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

Recent studies have shown that ordinary household tap water is just as effective as diluting any ingredient to near-infinity, otherwise known as Homeopathy.

No difference

After numerous tests in many independent labs, they all found that by taking a substance, diluting it a million fold, then taking 1 of those millionths you dilute it a further million times, and repeat once or twice more for good measure meant that ordinary tap water was indistinguishable from homeopathic "treatments".

Since others have claimed before that Homeopathy is a valid treatment for cancers, we can therefore extrapolate from these findings that drinking tap water is equally as effective in treating cancers, and given that it's even more diluted than Homepathic "medicines" (by an infinite factor) it should therefore be no leap of the imagination to infer that tap water could prove to be an even more effective at treatment for all illnesses than Homeopathy!