10 Natural Remedies to Heighten Libido
Monday, May 18, 2015 by: Persephone Star, Sexology and Tantric Vibrations

Working long hours at the office, stress in the workplace, commuting and many other daily grinds of the American life has seen an increase into the usage of pills such as Viagra (sildenafil). A worrying fact for many US citizens is a low or even non existant libido and erectile dysfunction as common place in the fast passed society.

Doctor Push*tup from the University of Bootipalanthrapy is amongst many professionals who aim to deliver better knowledge and natural libido enhancers to help relieve sexual impotency, alarming Big Pharma as it is set to lower it consummation of their product Viagra.

Statistics have shown that male usage of Viagra has increased to over 69% in the past 4 years, overwhelming some manufactures as the demand is at a record high. With demand being so high, worries are developing about ingredient quality to Sildenafil and some research has shown that high levels of cerumen are present in their product.  

Doctor Push*tup has shared some of his natural non-toxic libido enhancers with us, and he promises sexual malfunction as thing of the past.

Here are some of his tried and tested tips to increase your libido and free your journey of sexual gratification.

Shape your vegetables into genitals so that you eat what you desire

Eat off your partner like a table, without using any apparatus

When pregnant, make curd cheese from your breast milk

Add fluids to your diet, vaginal fluid in a salad dressings beats ceaser dressing by miles.

Rim your partner after a long day at work. Research has shown this to be effective as pheromones from the anus are far stronger than any other region.

Garlic bulbs inserted to the anus has proven very effective, and has been used in ancient Greek aphrodisiacs

Meditate your libido into action using visualisation techniques combined with artichokes

Himalayan salt rubs; use this to cleanse your genital aura before sexual encounters

Free your sexual energy by stimulating your genitals with sandalwood, frankincense and pink salt.

On a full moon, place quartz between your legs, sit out in the moonlight with legs open, cleansing both your vagina/penis and the quartz. Stay for as long as comfortable.