Monsanto To Start Producing GMO Ants As Governments Ban Traditional Chemical Pesticides
Monday, Sep 21, 2015 by: Ben J. Johnson, Staff Writer

As has been reported heavily in the ever truthful alternative media, Monsanto has begun forays into Genetic Modification of animals, to supplement its GMO plants.  Monsanto is reported to have been working on genetically modifying flying ants to help with the declining bee population and subsequent collapse of crops that rely on this invaluable pollination service provided by bees.


But ever since the EU started banning dangerous chemicals produced by Monsanto and the other agri-industrial complex multinationals, Monsanto have been worried that they won't be able to pay off all the politicians necessary to unleash whichever chemicals they desire on the environment.  Their solution presented itself recently when researchers at Aarhus University discovered that ants are just as effective as pesticides.  They had also no doubt seen the footage reported here on Natural Newd of ants becoming addicted to GMO superweed, because they quickly snapped up a patent for their own GMO marijuana and our sources deep undercover tell us that they have isolated the chemical responsible for addicting the ants, it turns out that it has no effect on humans, which enables them to insert that genetics into any plant they wish.  Subsequently they modified the ants so that they are fiercely protective of the plants with the added genetics, but are compelled not to eat it or otherwise harm it.  Monsanto should not be playing God like this, and we will try everything in our power to make sure the government shuts this down immediately.