Microwave Ovens Responsible for Lack of Wellbeing
Monday, Oct 23, 2017 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Recent findings have concluded that microwave ovens are responsible for the increased stress and anxiety and is also blamed for some individuals becoming a useless, gelatinous mass, according to wellness experts.

Tests have concluded, radiation is leaking from the kitchen gadget and is scaring many people, making them feel ill. It seems radiation is so powerful, as it seeps through anything and may have an impact on wellbeing and health.

With the various stages of microwave seepage, this blog will warn everyone about the dangers of using a microwave oven:

Seepage and your Heart:

  • Once the destruction of your soul has entered the final phase, you will find the microwaves will affect blood sugar levels. Higher stress and anxiety will shoot into the stratosphere.
  • Pre-illnesses such as Diabetes and Heart Disease can manifest itself as a direct result from using a microwave oven to heat food. Many people have noticed ill health with microwaves.

Microwave users have come forward to share their experiences with their negative effects when using the kitchen, magic marvel.

Below are just a few of the problems many people are facing every day:

“Since having my eye-level oven fitted, I have spilt boiling water over my hands from the plastic bowl; forcing me to shout expletives at a deafening volume. I don’t need this negativity in my life, as it’s affecting my blood pressure and could lead to Diabetes and Heart disease. I’d dread being called into my local health care centre for a Flu jab every October. It’s frightening.” - Paula

“I’d like to know whose eyes my microwave oven level with? Not mine. It’s making me anxious every day. I dread to think how it’s affecting my wellbeing.” – Jan.

“I get angry when I can’t put the glass plate on the stupid lock things in my oven. The constant whirring noise when heating food is far too noisy; oh, the beeping when our food is ready is giving me panic attacks. I am now anxious because of the panic attacks.” - Sue

Tests have confirmed that microwave ovens emit radiation and is having a profound effect on our wellbeing and health.

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