Evil Mercury
Eating Canned Tuna Can Lead to Autism
Monday, May 18, 2015 by: Barry Hummus, Uropathist and Scatologist

New reports from Dr Reggie Howser MD [California] show evidence that not only is eating Tuna bad for the environment but also your mental health. Tuna contains a heavy metal favoured by Vaccine developers for its autism causing properties. The heavy metal in question is Mercury. Dr Howser commented recently: "After seeing an article on Mens Health Magazine about the high concentrations of mercury in canned Tuna I decided to carry out an investigation, the results are shocking."

In his report Howser showed a definite link between the amount of Tuna being consumed in Northern California and a rapid increase in the diagnosis of mild autism by private medical practitioners in the area. A 5oz can of tuna contains 97.49 micrograms of methylmercury, a far more dangerous form of mercury than the ethylmercury found in vaccines.

Vaccines only contain around 1 microgram of ethylmercury per dose which means that a can of Tuna is around 97 times better at delivering autism into the human body. Dr Howser's report which will soon be made available online via The Institute of Angel Medicine covers the subject in great detail. The report also shows that people who eat too much tuna are more likely to catch toxoplasmosis, a disease which affects many animals who eat canned Tuna.

One question remains however. Are canned Tuna manufacturers involved in the Illuminati's plan to create an army of aspergic computer programmers to technologically increase the capacity of their spy data centers? It is no secret that people with aspergers are far better software developers than most people, even Korean immigrants. Our government seems intent on creating this army and at the moment there is no way of stopping them unless we work together.

How can you help? Boycott Tuna, take your child to measles sharing parties and avoid vaccines at all costs, unless they are homeopathic because there is literally nothing in a homeopathic vaccine and I mean NOTHING that could possibly harm anyone.