Increased Gravitational Pull to the Earth Linked to Owning Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps
Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

The Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are a natural alternative to the everyday lamp. With its soft, Orange glow and invisible negative Ions which are said to leave you feeling positive; the Himalayan Salt Lamp is also edible, just breaking a piece from your Salt Lamp and adding to your cooking enhances flavour, better than average Salt. What’s not to like about these ingenious lamps?

‘The Salt Lamp Weekly’ magazine have highlighted the benefits owning a Salt Lamp and honest reviews from its readers on how their lives and those around them have changed.

Why you should have Salt Lamps around the home - Lamp of Salt Association Millions of years ago, two massive land masses collided to form some oversized mountains that we now know as The Himalayas. The foothills to the ever-growing mountains was filled with sea that evaporated, to leave us with pink, crystalized sea salt, deep in the underground caves. Because no- one knew what to do with the spectacular sight, mining for Pink Himalayan Salt crystal began. The Salt Crystal has been crafted into Lamps and Tea lights and have healing powers. The useful Salt Lamp has also recently been recognised for end of the world scenarios as part of ‘preparedness’ for survival, or a weekend camping trip. – Marketing the beginning of time and survival during a camping trip.

‘I went on a camping trip and brought along with me many survival tools, one of them was my Salt Lamp as I heard that when you break a piece from the lamp it can be used in cooking. As we all need salt in our diets to survive, I found my lamp was useful. Pieces of my salt lamp was added to our soups and meat dishes over the camp fire. I found the salt difficult to sprinkle into the soup, because of its coarse nature, I spilt some around the fire. We Couldn’t help noticing the smell of smoldering plastic during mealtimes.’ - Survivor of plastic during a camping trip

With its Natural air clearing properties, due to negative Ions which have an extra electron attached. When we breathe them, it has a positive effect on us. Not only that, the negative ions neutralize the positive ions emitted from all electrical appliances around the home, giving you mental clarity. - Marketing for the Science

Salt lamps around the home improves: skin conditions, reduces headaches, stress, insomnia, and allergies associated with modern life. - Health Benefits Marketing

‘Since keeping my Himalayan Salt Crystal Salt Lamp on my night stand, my physical activity has increased and I feel so much better. I was told interval training; sudden blasts of physical activity have proven to increase strength and stamina. I hit my toe much harder on furniture and I hop around the room a lot faster. However, due to the poor lighting, I can’t see if my skin condition has improved. - Brian

It seems that owning a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp keeps you grounded, it does not matter how high you jump you will always make a noise when you land. Crystal Lamps with their Ionizing properties will not make you jump any higher and land any lighter. – Person living in the apartment below Brian.

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