Hummus Day Not Important Say People Who Never Eat Hummus
Saturday, May 14, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Sitting in a recently decorated Hummus bar waiting in anticipation for his date to arrive, Todd wonders how he has gone through life escaping a bowl of Hummus. But, today his first time has arrived.

According to sources, 26-year-old Waste Management Technician has only eaten normal food and sees Hummus as just a dip that is ignored at the buffet table at parties, in favour of a plump Sausage Roll.

However, today is different, as global celebrations are taking place on 13th May, international Hummus Day and is a tad unlucky for Todd who’s first date with a Chickpea fanatic, fell on this day, as he has no idea what Hummus is about. Not wanting to disappoint his Hummus loving date, he agreed to meet and hopefully get caught up in the celebrations.

“I’ve heard of Chickpeas, it’s something other people eat. As for Hummus, I have never eaten that either. To be honest, having heard rumours that Hummus is basically a Chickpea paste, I’m thinking someone is joking with me. Why have special places for people just to eat a Chickpea paste? Now we have a special day for eating Hummus, it’s not important to me. How about an International Sausage Roll Day, anyone up for it?”

Todd’s date arrives and sits next to him while they exchange pleasantries for a few minutes. With the Chickpea and Hummus connection crashing around his head, Todd breaks the silence and asks the question, ‘Is it true Hummus is Chickpea paste?’

“Yes, it’s basically a paste with Chickpeas, Lemon, and Garlic with some spices thrown in and mixed with a creamy sauce, but no-one really knows what it’s called. What I like about Hummus is the taste varies from one place to another, I’m always surprised with the flavours. I can’t get enough of it. I also make my own it’s so easy with all the ‘How to’ blogs online, you can’t do anything wrong.” – Lyndsey, Todd’s date.

“Oh.”, Says Todd.

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