No Escape From Old Age
How To Look Your Age - Not Your Biological Age
Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

According to Anti-Ageing Expert, Hope Sew: Lack of fruit, repeating facial expressions, not enough exercise, and living are some of the reasons why we look older than our chronological age.

I have been told I look at least 10 years older than my real age, I decided put Hope Sew’s theories to the test and dedicate a full two weeks following her ideas to find if I could look my real age.

Avoid Making Facial Expressions

‘Repetitive facial gestures are the cause of developing deep lines; underlying facial muscles contract to form many expressions, such as, surprise and confusion. As with any muscle, the more it contracts the bigger it becomes, leaving you with etched lines and wrinkles and a bumpy terrain.’ – Hope Sew.

I thought it would be easy maintaining a vacant expression but it was a lot harder than I’d first thought, so what better way than a game of Poker for money I thought that it would teach me the art of maintaining a neutral expression. However, I knew I’d lost almost half my monthly income within 3 days. I persevered with the game for the two-week duration.

The Strict Fruit Plan

‘Include plenty of fruit into your diet, a great way of reversing the signs of ageing leaving you with a clear healthy complexion.’  – Hope Sew.

Apples and Pears found in Cider, Grapes in wine, it’s a perfect balance. I also found a bottle of Gooseberry wine stored at the back of my cupboard. A well-meaning ‘friend’ had dumped a bottle of their homemade Gooseberry wine onto me last year when I held a party; she went onto enjoy most of my decent wine, that night.

Fit Exercise into your Day

‘It is a good idea to place your fruity drinks in another room. The faster you drink the extra exercise will challenge your body. It’s a great cardio workout.’  – Hope Sew.

It was a challenge maintaining a vacant expression after hitting a wall or two, however, my fitness level increased due to the regular staggering to get my next fruity drink, most mornings.

Skin Care

‘Random studies show, harsh scrubbing the face and neck irritates the skin. Gentle cleansing is more effective removing pollutants from the skin.’ – Hope Sew.

Gentle washing was great at removing the Tomato Ketch-up and the sliced Green Chilli that was stuck to my chin.

‘After exercise, always wash Face and Neck as perspiration blocks pores’  – Hope Sew.

Intense sweating was an issue for me throughout the two weeks.

I successfully completed all age reversal techniques for 2 weeks: I enjoyed my fruity drinks, took up a temporary gambling addiction, embarked on regular exercise, took care of my sweating problem, and had no life and looked 3 weeks older.