Got Cancer? Don't Worry We'll Inject You With An STI!
Saturday, Jul 04, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

Shill doctors under the employ of Big Pharma Companies are no longer content with simply trying to "cure" cancer with toxic costly chemotherapy drugs or blasting patients with deadly radiation, the newest weapon in their arsenal of so called medicines is simply quite unbelievable!

As if cancer wasn't bad enough, these so called doctors now want to inject you with a genetically modified Sexually Transmitted Infection!

They claim that a GMO sexually transmitted virus can kick start the immune system into attacking the cancer cells, but this seems like a cover story for yet another attempt by the NWO to cull more and more of us from the population as part of their ever expanding depopulation experiments.

What's next in these evil companies supposed cures for illness?  Lead injections in the brain to cure a headache?  Slicing off parts of the penis to cure erectile dysfunction?  We need to say no to these quacks, and use tried and tested all natural cures for disease, such as homoeopathy, herbal remedies and crystal healing techniques.