Natural remedies found to be 100% effective against fake illnesses.
Wednesday, Oct 04, 2017 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

All natural remedies and therapies are 100% effective at curing imaginary illness according to new research reported in the Proceedings of the National Institute of Science (PNIS).  A wellness blogger in Australia was able to cure her fake cancer purely with the aid of healthy eating, natural remedies and holistic treatments!  You too can bask in the glory of having rid yourself of a fake debilitating illness using these simple steps:

  1. Tell everyone on your social media channels that you have a horrible illness.  Lupus is quite a popular one, Cancer is a bit passé (plus you'll just get a load of hippies telling you to use cannabis)
  2. Bang on incessantly about your healthy eating regime (preferably Vegan) and which holistic treatments you are taking (be sure to Instagram that sh*t with #too #many #hashtags).
  3. After about 6 months you can proclaim yourself finally free of your fake illness and put it all down to having religiously followed your healthy lifestyle.