Mutant Ants
GMO Super Weed Addicting And Mutating Ants
Tuesday, Jun 30, 2015 by: Ben J. Johnson, Staff Writer

A new form of GMO Super Weed developed by the Mexican Drug Cartels in collaboration with the Illuminati has had an unexpected effect on ants, which have started mutating to get super-ant strength and after just one encounter with a marijuana joint have become so addicted that they will use any means necessary to bring back whatever they can scavenge after humans can't take any more of the mind bending drugs contained within as documented below.  At current mutation rates it's expected that before the year is out there will be ants the size of Chihuahuas and before the decade is over these mutant ants will be as big as a horse.  I know for a fact that I'd rather fight 100 ant sized horses than 1 horse sized ant, so this doesn't bode well, and one can't even begin to imagine what this new strain of marijuana is doing to the brains of the people smoking it.  Will we see the rise of Zombie Hippies that will spread pestilence across the nation, ravaging fast food stores and causing a nationwide snack shortage?  Our advice is to stock up on Kit Kats and Mars Bars now before it's too late.