Chicken Strawberry
Monsanto Unveils Chicken Strawberries
Friday, Jun 26, 2015 by: Cedric Cedarwood, Environmental Activist

Evil GMO and pesticide mega corporation Monsanto unveiled it's latest creation today with much fanfare from the GMO loving, KFC eating public.

The announcement of the Chikerberry raises concerns about GMO food and where the future of the human race lies on a scale of one to nutrition. Touted as two of your 5 a day in one berry the Chikerberry was created by bonding chicken genes with those of the common strawberry. Monsanto claims that the new food was created to combat the global food crisis and to bolster profits for KFC who can now finally compete with the McDonalds McFlurry range with this new combination of flavours.

While the food looks innocent enough and apparently tastes like a crispy strip smothered in strawberry jam it should be taken into consideration that mixing strawberry juice with chicken creates a chemical known as avionic acid which is used in chemtrails as a mind control substance.

We encourage our readers to write to their local authorities and demand the immediate banning of any chicken/strawberry hybrid foods.