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Future Empathy Group Meetings - Cancelled After 1st Overwhelming Session
Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

A group for anyone who cannot cope with emotional intelligence came to an abrupt end during the first meeting. In an effort to transform the lives of the constantly drained, the first Empathy course began and had registered 30 people for the 12-week course. However, the first group meeting had not gone as well as expected, as sharing thoughts and feelings from other Empaths proved emotionally overpowering for everyone involved.

The idea behind Group Empathy Meetings is a well-known Holistic Practioner, Lance Edwards who became drawn to the growing number of people suffering from too much empathy. Wanting to help those who are basically a dumping ground for friends’ and family’s emotional problems, Lance Edwards created a series of short courses to help many people who are blighted with heightened sensitivity. First, the surroundings had to be made as relaxed and as comfortable as possible; the big white, groovy chairs and large, white round tables to help the group with any negative feelings that may be picked up from inanimate objects. The focus being then to concentrate what each person has been going through:

‘The first meeting is a general “getting to know you” and how your undesirable feelings affect you. Subsequent meetings involve how to deal with your emotional state - by spilling the beans with any juicy gossip heard or felt from another person and describing how you feel after walking past an empty building. By discussing all damaging thoughts collected throughout the week with other group members, your problems will be off-loaded and spread equally amongst the group. At the end of the first meeting, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire about my chairs and tables.’ – Lance Edwards, Holistic Practitioner

However, those who had attended the first catastrophic meeting described feeling exhausted within the first ten minutes. As the meeting went on, it became noticeable that everyone had a headache forcing the meeting to close. The questionnaires regarding the tables and chairs, remain unanswered.

‘The class was a disaster. I was listening to one woman saying how she felt so much pain when walking past an empty building. I had to agree with her, I have the same problem. I felt bad for her which made me feel bad, so I sat patiently in my oversized, groovy chair listening to various complaints, from backaches to migraines. After ten minutes, I couldn’t stand anymore. Feeling exhausted and clasping the small of my back, I carefully rolled myself out of my chair and limped home to nurse my headache.’ - Ann, Group Member