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Fitness Expert Loses A Running Shoe After Throwing it a Long Way
Thursday, Mar 03, 2016 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

Mr. Handbars, from the UK, who frequently travels around the world, began incorporating his own version of workouts to fit in with his busy schedule. The home-from-home style of maintaining fitness levels has proved a success for those working away. The aptly named, ‘The Travel Workout Plan’ is based on using the most mundane objects, such as a suitcase for weight training.

Fresh from his successful ‘Throw the Damn Suitcase Around Hotel Room’ workout, the fitness expert known for his unconventional workouts while on the road, has admitted he had lost one of his running shoes’, after jogging through Central Park, USA.

‘While I was in New York, USA I was putting together some new ideas for my travel plan workout. When I had finished throwing my damn suitcase around the hotel room, I went for a 5-mile jog in the park. I sat on a bench to think of another workout while in the park, I glanced down at my expensive footwear and wondered how far I could throw a running shoe. I had my idea. After slipping my running shoe from my Foot, I threw it as far as I could. Watching my expensive shoe vanish from sight, not only I felt strong, I also lost my shoe. I searched for what seemed like hours. I asked passers-by if they had seen a shoe flying through the air. But, no-one had noticed anything strange that morning. Feeling humiliated and wearing one running shoe, I schlepped back to my hotel room.’ – S. Handbars

The ‘How Far I Can Throw My Running Shoe’ exercises proved unsuccessful and was abandoned within 3 weeks, due to high costs.

Mr. Handbars is currently looking at other things to throw around during a workout.


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