Fat Busting Dustpan and Broom Smoothie Recipe
Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 by: Nellie G. Speck, Staff Writer

The Broom and Dustpan drink is a healthy watered down smoothie and is a satisfying drink, which will brush away-accumulated fat around the body. There has been success stories surrounding this mystery drink, fat just seems to melt away. What was the thinking behind the drink and how does it work?

The idea behind the Broom and Dustpan drink is based upon the cartoon diagrams that have been used to illustrate lowering cholesterol and boosting weight-loss showing Brooms sweeping away internal fatty deposits from inside the average person, however it’s a secret how the drink works, as we are not sure, either. – Mr. Riches, leading Consultant for Wacky Diets.

The microscopic Brooms with matching Dustpans come in 4 colours: Blue, Pink and Orange with optional Green for Vegetarians and Transparent for those in the ‘I don’t mind’ group. Once prepared, the Water smoothie will be packed with miniature long handled Brooms and long handled Dustpans, once ingested they will divide into teams and will move around the body sweeping away all fatty deposits from your system to give you a great clear out... each morning; leaving you refreshed, slimmer and feeling good.

A two-week batch of Brooms and Dustpans powder is available in all health stores; the only utensil you will need to purchase is the special ‘Heap Spoon’, available in most stores. Believe me, this is not another one of those weird lists of ingredients and instructions, it is simple to prepare and easy to follow:


  • 6 ¼ Lemons
  • Parsley (lots of)
  • 10 litres of water
  • 8 Heaps Bicarbonate of Soda
  • Microscopic long handled Brooms and matching long-handled Dustpans Powder


  1. Finely chop 6 ¼ Lemons and lots of Parsley, place together on one side, ignore for 20 minutes.
  2. Using your personal special ‘Heap Spoon’, pile 8 heaps Bicarbonate of Soda inside a clean bowl.
  3. Place bowl containing Bicarbonate of Soda to the other side, ignore for 30-35 minutes.
  4. Add 10 litres of water to a pot and bring to the boil, leave to stand for 1 minute.
  5. Add sachet of Brooms to Water allow to cool at room temperature for 2 hours.
  6. Place your liquid Brooms mixture to one side – No, not that side! The other side, your chopped Lemons and Parsley are on that side.
  7. Once cooled add sachet containing the miniscule long handled Dustpans, stir well.
  8. Leave for 2 minutes.
  9. Place chopped Lemons and Parsley into the rubbish bin.
  10. Now you can move your liquid Brooms and Dustpans mixture to the earlier original side, being careful not to knock your bowl containing the heaps Bicarbonate of Soda.
  11. Place your fat busting drink into refrigerator overnight and look forward to your first watery smoothie the next morning.
  12. While you are near the Refrigerator, you may as well toss your Bicarbonate of Soda Mountain into the bin.