Unmanned Drone Chem Sprayer
NWO Chemtrail drones coming soon: FAA approves unmanned poison spraying helicopters
Friday, Jun 26, 2015 by: Adam Michaels, The Health Deranger

The US Federal government has just granted approval for a new unmanned and completely autonomous pesticide spraying drone (or UAV) that will soon start indiscriminately dumping pesticides and other chemicals from the sky.

The robot helicopters developed by Yamaha Corp. of America have no need for a human pilot and can be loaded up with chemical poisons from multinational companies like Monsanto to drench crops without need for human intervention.

Is unmanned Chemtrail delivery next?

With this new technology approved for pesticide delivery, how long will it be before the NWO and Illuminati appropriate this method of chemical spraying to deliver mind altering or geo-engineering chemicals without having to pay off the pilots and plane engineers to keep quiet and keep their dirty little secrets under wraps?  These robot drones will be able to work around the clock without complaining or needing a break to deliver their poisons to the skies, and unless they become self aware won't be running to the press any time soon to expose what their task masters are doing to the world and it's unsuspecting citizens.