Got Milk? Then You've Probably Got Man-Boobs!
Monday, Oct 19, 2015 by: Alfonso Studebaker

Vegans have been telling us since the movement was invented in 1944 (the same year Nazis were fleeing Germany in the face of inevitable loss in the war, a coincidence? - ed.) that Meat and Dairy products are just bad, mmkay, but new research has shown that drinking milk will inflict gynaecomastia in the poor unsuspecting men who drink this foul liquid.  Ever since 1993 when the FDA approved recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) to be injected into dairy cows, the synthetic cow hormone that increases milk production by 15% has had some unsuspecting side effects in milk's human consumers.  Although the rBGH itself has little scientifically proven effect on the human body, studies have shown that milk from cows given rBGH contains 10 times as much insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) than cows that have not been messed with.

Got Milk?

Studies conducted by bespectacled men in white coats suggest that the female hormone oestrogren is boosted by IGF-1 to promote breast development in men, whereas oestrogen alone is not very effective at promoting breast development in men.  So increasing the levels of IGF-1 by drinking milk from rBGH treated cows can almost without a doubt be the number one cause of gynaecomastia around the world.  And if you're trying to lose your man-boobs, then drinking IGF-1 laden rBGH-treated milk will make the task nigh on impossible.

What about Organic Milk? Is that OK?

Any self respecting Vegan will know that the answer to this question is a resounding no, nope, NO!  Although the oestrogen content of both organic and non-organic milk is the same, it has been noted that women who suffer from breast tenderness and fullness while drinking non-organic milk have been able to alleviate their suffering by switching to organic, most likely due to the different levels of IGF-1.  Anything that elicits problems for women in their breasts is guaranteed to be a factor for gynaecomastia in men, having said that, if you suffer with man-tits then it is suggested that your refrain from milk altogether.

But what about my bones?

It has long been known that milk and dairy being an important source of calcium for bone development and maintenance is a myth promoted by the dairy-industrial complex to sell more of their product.  Think about it: America has the highest consumption of milk per capita, yet has the highest rates of osteoporosis, so where is the correlation between dairy consumption and better bone health?  If you want stronger healthier bones then stick to leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach which contain more calcium than milk and is also in a form more readily absorbed and retained by the body.

Cut out the milk and kiss goodbye to my moobs?

No chance fatty!  Avoiding milk is definitely important, but your man-tits aren't going to magically disappear overnight just by stopping milk and dairy consumption.  To lose your moobs you'll need to avoid a whole range of tasty foods, you have to learn which foods help promote the burning of chest fat and it's also beneficial to exercise in the right way to further promote the reduction of your man-pillows.  All of these secrets can be had by signing up to our newsletter*.